Lilianna and Thom never thought they would meet a Sepherii, the mythical creature, eerily half-man, half-horse, from stories of the Dark Days when Morauth spread evil like a contagious disease across the land. But why has Torr, the Sepherii, been summoned again?

Decades have gone by since the hero Rendar overwhelmed Morauth high on the Ledges, cutting her deeply with the black obsidian blade given to him by Torr. This time, Lilianna and Thom will be called on to help. Only the Dagger of Rendar has the power to banish her again, but in the hands of a child will the weapon be enough?

The young descendants of Rendar must be strong enough to strike the blow. Nothing less than the future of Faltofar and all its inhabitants is at stake.

It just gets a little muddled when the family tree also includes the sorceress Morauth.



The tribes gathered once a year, united in their love for the home they call Faltofar. The dancers' mesmerizing steps, choreographed by ancestors long silent, sent them leaping and pirouetting round and round the fire and each other.

Morri Stewart

MORRI STEWART has been a personal trainer, river guide, bartender and journalist.  She has eaten strange sea creatures on a tiny Island in Japan, survived dehydration on a desolate section of the California Coast, and has come face to face with a Cobra in Africa.  She and her husband share their home in the Pacific Northwest with two extraordinary teenagers, a persnickety old cat and a lifetime collection of books.

Reader Viewpoints

“The story was mesmerizing. I couldn’t wait to sit down in the evening and pick up where I left off. That tells me it is a good book!”

Marci Sheehy

“Built from a bond of love, trust and respect, comes a tale that holds you in anticipation and wonder. I was engulfed in the adventure and the importance of trust and belief in the seen and unseen that is all around us, and within us!”

Anndi Fruitman

“I really enjoyed the adventure! I find myself curious to read the "history" of what came before, and what's going to happen next! A very fun adventure indeed!”

Dara Robertson

... Faltofar flies by means of Stewart's engaging imagination." Katrina Hays

Katrina Hays