A Corruption of the Senses

Sight. Smell. Touch. Sound. Taste. If you had to choose the loss of one of these, what would it be? If you could live in a state of ignorance, never knowing the color of true evil, would you choose to stay in that state of happy ignorance? The proverbial Garden of Eden before the apple pie, its scent intertwining with the flowering vines, was served.

Faltofar, as with any fictionalized story, percolates and grows within the reservoirs of the author’s experiences. A child’s perceptions of right and wrong, good and evil, inevitably will be colored by a palette of those older than them who perpetuate the truths they too have been handed. This ‘reality’ is at the epicenter of each author’s art….of any artistic medium. It is the spice, both bitter and sweet, that make the telling of the story, or re-telling, so very tasty or undigestible.

So, what if there is another sense we have given up, forgotten? An intuition which leads our thoughts, whether it is the pen scratching across the blank page, or the fingers tapping more and more rapidly, to unexplored artistic endeavors. Could it be that in the process of our own creations we are able to find the ‘little truths’ that resonate a long-slumbering belief in ourselves. Something positive and strong and adaptable.

Lilianna, a child of Faltofar, found her truth and, in her strength, saved her world. With the help of others who believed. Therein lies our future. Let 2021 be the year of the children.

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