The Future Resides in The Black Obsidian Blade. But, Who Will Wield It?



Lilianna and Thom never thought they would meet a Sepherii, the mythical creature, eerily half-man, half-horse, from stories of the Dark Days when Morauth spread evil like a contagious disease across the land. But why has Torr, the Sepherii, been summoned again?

Decades have gone by since the hero Rendar overwhelmed Morauth high on the Ledges, cutting her deeply with the black obsidian blade given to him by Torr. This time, Lilianna and Thom will be called on to help. Only the Dagger of Rendar has the power to banish her again, but in the hands of a child will the weapon be enough?

The young descendants of Rendar must be strong enough to strike the blow. Nothing less than the future of Faltofar and all its inhabitants is at stake.

It just gets a little muddled when the family tree also includes the sorceress Morauth.





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